Review: Revelate Mountain Feedbag


This review is going to be fairly short. There are very few products that I would say, “you should get this if you’re interested because it works and its awesome.” The Revelate Mountain Feedbag would be one of those few products. It’s simple in design and nicely constructed. It does what it looks like its going to do and does it well.


The Mountain Feedbag is a little bag/sack thing that is connected with beefy velcro to your handlebar and stem. There is also a third connection point via webbing and clasp to wrap under your fork. The handlebar and stem mounts keep it attached to your bike and the webbing on fork makes sure things don’t wobble around. Nominally, I guess you’re suppose to put food in there to gnosh on while on your epic bikepacking adventure somewhere. It does that, but also a whole lot more.

Camera Bike

Beast of Burden

On my roadie I’ll put a mini pump, tube, tools, patch kit, wallet and keys in there. No more saggy rear pockets. When I’m on a video or photoshoot, I’ll put a spare lens, battery, memory card or shotgun mic in there. When I’m riding the Ogre with a frame bag and don’t feel like sucking on a tube to hydrate, I’ll put a water bottle in there. You get the picture, it gives you carrying capacity in an area that is easily accessible.

The mounting design is simple and is adaptable to basically any kind of bike. From my road bike with a 90mm stem, to my Ogre which has a ridiculously short 50mm stem on it. Another plus is that each bag is ambidextrous. There is no dedicated LEFT or RIGHT, you simply reposition the velcro strip to the loop on the other side of the feedbag. This is a handy feature, since other similar bags are sold and can only be used on one side of the bike. Each bag also has mesh pockets on both sides for exterior storage. I’ll usually put some bars there for quick access. Another great thing about the Feedbags is that they can be combined with a rando bag, front rack mounted bag and even a handlebar bag to give you MORE accessible storage.

While riding, I don’t notice any severe adverse affects. The weight is close enough to the center of the bike that it won’t alter things too much. As for cons, 1) it only comes in a few colors 2) it could be wee bit bigger (it fits m43 lenses just fine, but good luck if you are a Nikon or Canon shooter) 3) the drawstring closure probably isn’t completely waterproof. The cons aren’t biggies for me, but might be for others.

So should you buy one? If you’re vaguely curious, then I would say yes. They’re great. I bought two and switch them between any number of bikes in our stable. They have become one of my favorite bike bags of all time.


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